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Through the ExPlore Team (Formerly the Missions Leadership Team – MLT) PCCC lends their support in the following areas:

1. Homeless Teenagers in our Community


We have recently agreed to partner with Maple Springs Bible Camp and Youth Centre as they provide resources to an ever-growing homeless teen population in our community.

2. Pashtun people, Afghanistan:

  • We have an Adoption Covenant and have committed to pray for these people. We continue to pray

    To learn more of the Pashtun People Group in Northern Afghanistan click here.

    for the persecuted (women and children), pray for missionaries that are working in that country, pray for the establishment of Christian churches and pray for the protection of our Canadian Armed Forces.

  • We also support an organization called Women to the World. They have 350 women enrolled in English and Computer Skills classes at their women’s centre in Kabul and they ask that we pray for all that are involved.
  • A trip to Afghanistan has been contemplated in the past, but until the country is more stable it is doubtful that one will happen.

    To learn more about the Pashtun People Group in southern Afghanistan click here.

    To learn more about the Pashtun People Group in southern Afghanistan click here.




3. Adult Missions Trips

In the past we have worked in conjuction with the EMCC and World Partners in order to minister in El Salvador. We have sent 3 separate teams to build houses for families who ended up homeless after severe natural disasters. We endeavour to work side-by-side and under the advisement of the local church for all interaction and projects in their communities. Not only have we provided homes but money for food, goats and medical attention. The ExPlore is currently exploring other areas to serve. Stay tuned for other opportunities to serve.


4.  Individual Missionaries:


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