Our Children’s Education Department . . .
. . . uses a program designed to teach some essential truths to each age group using stories, games, crafts, service ministry, drama and worship.

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Nursery (infants to 21 months). We provide a self-serve environment for you and your infant, with speakers so you don’t have to miss the music or message.

In FIRST LOOK (age 21 months – age 4), several key strategies are used:

  1. Teach less for more –
    Repeats one key truth (Bottom Line) all month long.
  2. Engage the five senses –
    Helps master the concept through creative activities
  3. Teach with the end in mind –
    Helps a child by age 5 to believe: God Made Me, God Loves Me, and Jesus Wants to be My Friend Forever
  4. Experience worship –
    Encourages children to talk to God any time, any place.
  5. Connect at home –
    Provides parents with ideas for conversation with their child at home.


252 BASICS (K – Grade 6)
Our goal is to have the children in this age group know that:

1.I need to do the wise thing.

2.I can trust God, no matter what.

3.I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

The 252 BASICS curriculum provides an entire year’s worth of plans, with each session lasting a half hour.

1. POWER UP: Designed to engage children in worship within a large group setting. Music, prayer and an innovative approach to the Bible Story are always part of this interactive time.

2. CATCH ON: Designed to help kids understand how the day’s topic applied to them. They will use real-life experiences, interact with a group of peers, and participate in a variety of activities that appeal to different learning styles.

Each week, Godtime Cards and Refrigerator Door Notes go home to give parents and children ideas to help extend the learning throughout the week.

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