change for a dollar

 PURPOSE STATEMENT: God has blessed me; I just desire to pay it forward.

ChangeForADollar.001Change for a Dollar! At PCCC we have a giving opportunity known as Change for a Dollar. It is a way for us as individuals to give above and beyond, to realize all what God has done for us, and to be mindful to the needs in the community around us.

How it works: Every four weeks we put out small baskets during our services. People are encouraged to place spare change in the baskets as they are reminded of the great things God has done for them.

As we head into our week, we invite the PCCC family to look for people in their circles of influence. People who don’t have a connection to the church. People who don’t have a relationship to God. People who find themselves needing some financial help. People who we, as a church family, can bless.

The Criteria: The blessing is determined through the following lens. Before we give to a need we have to ask the following questions.

Is the need definable – is it something specific

Is the need accomplishable – do we have enough funds in hand

Is the urgent – does it need to be immediately and is it something that the individual or family can’t accomplish on their own.

Is the individual/family connected – is there a direct relationship that exists with a PCCC family member and the person(s) receiving the blessing.

The Process: Once a PCCC family member finds someone who fits the above criteria they are encouraged to bring the name(s) and the situation to the Pastors and Elders. If everyone agrees that the gift should be given, it is handed over to the PCCCer to present to their neighbour/friend who has the need on behave of the church. They are to explain that the gift is given with no strings attached. That it is a tangible gift of love from God. That it is given out of the overflow of God’s blessing and provision in our lives.

The Final Step: Then the family member that makes the connection is asked to share with the church family (details excluded) the story of how God provided for their neighbour/friend through the funds that were collected. We then celebrate God’s provision and commit to pray for the individual/family that received the gift.

If you have any questions concerning Change for a Dollar contact the church office.


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